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What is Mandelic Acid?

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⭐ What is Mandelic Acid?

Mandelic acid is an AHA exfoliant which is derived from almonds. It is much gentle as compared to other exfoliates and takes a little longer to penetrate into the skin.

🌟 How does Mandelic acid work?

It exfoliates the dead cells by reacting with the calcium ions that bind the dead cells and debris from the surface of the skin.

✨ Benefits of Mandelic Acid:

  1. Exfoliation
  2. Increase the cell turnover
  3. Fights hyperpigmentation
  4. It is an anti-aging acid
  5. It brightens and clears the skin

💧 Mandelic acid suits all skin types and is one of the most gentle AHAs available around and hence also takes the most amount of time to show the results.

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