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How to store skincare products?

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☀️ How to store skincare products?
1. Sunlight may accelerate the aging of a product by heating it up, which can break down active ingredients, so keep away from direct sunlight.
2. It is recommended to keep the skincare products cool in the fridge if you are staying in a really hot climate.
3. Steam quickly breaks down key active ingredients in these formulas and steamy environments provide the perfect breeding ground for mold.

✨How to use the skincare products?
1. Always wash and dry your hands before using the products.
2. Make sure to close the packaging tightly after using the products.
3. Don’t put your hand/ touch the serum pipette or into the product container.

⭐Avoid exposing your skincare products to extreme conditions such as sunlight/ heat/ cold, to extend their shelf life.

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