Can Salicylic Acid be used in the morning?

Can Salicylic Acid be used in the morning? ✨ But I heard acids can’t be used in the morning?⁠⁠It’s not true with all acids – BHA and even a few AHAs can be used in the morning without any issue whatsoever⁠⁠. 💧 Sunscreen is compulsory, irrespective of using salicylic acid in the morning or not!

Why do we use PAD?

What is Potassium Azeloyl Diglycenate? Potassium azeloyl glycinate or PAD is a derivative of azelaic acid and an amino acid called ‘glycine.’ Azelaic acid is already well-known for its brightening and anti-inflammatory effects. However, it is not soluble in oil or water making it difficult to formulate with azelaic acid. Enter PAD! Due to the […]

Is Alpha Arbutin safe to use?

Do you know Alpha arbutin has the ability to reduce dark spots from your skin? Let’s talk about some more benefits in this Q&A about Alpha arbutin safety. ☀️is alpha arbutin safe to use?alpha arbutin is an extremely safe ingredient to use. It has quite a good amount of research backing it to be safe […]