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Cleansing Oils & Balms- Another form of cleansers

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What is Cleansing Oil/ Balm?

Cleansing oil/ balm is a form of cleanser, which has surfactants and emulsifiers suspended in an oil base.

How does Cleansing Oil & Balm work?

Cleansing oil/ balm essentially are surfactants dissolved in oils – hydrophobic tail attached to the oils they are suspended in and hydrophilic tail point out.
So, they are essentially the opposite of micellar water.

 Is it required to use cleansing oil/balm?

This can be used basis on your requirements and is not mandatory. It can be used by most skin types without any issue.

Difference between oil cleanser & balm cleanser

The short answer is- VISCOSITY & TEXTURE!
Both work in a similar fashion, one is thicker and the other is a little runnier & they both have emulsifiers/ surfactants.

Should I use a Cleansing Oil or Cleansing Balm?

It comes down to personal preference if you prefer to massage in the oil or meltdown the balm.

💧 Both are formulated for all skin types, work well alone or in a double cleanse!

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