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Dry vs dehydrated skin

Most people think that moisturisers aren’t for them since their skin isn’t dry! But the truth is, whatever be your skin type, moisturiser should be a very important part of your routine else skin feels very dehydrated and hence rough and dull.⁣ ✨

❄️ Dry skin is a skin type (which is mostly genetic) that lacks sebum (oils) and dehydrated skin lacks water that can occur to any skin type when you aren’t properly providing enough hydration to the skin.⁣

? Dry skin is usually by birth and genetic and requires heavy cream based moisturising all through the year.⁣

? Dehydrated skin occurs due to weather, seasonal changes, geographic conditions, food, aging, pollution, stress, wrong product usage etc. To combat this all skin types should hydrate their skin regularly. This can be done by using water based moisturisers with humectants present in them! They can also be substituted with hydrating serums such as Hyaluronic Acid serum

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