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Is your skin oily?

Oily skin – a skin type characterised by oiliness, acne, open looking pores and the occasional whiteheads and blackheads on skin

☀️ What causes oily skin?
The skin produces excess oil/sebum through the pores/ hair follicles. this can be
– Hereditary
– Hormonal
– Caused due to external factors

✨ How does oily skin look/feel like?
– Acne/pimples on the skin
– Whiteheads and blackheads
– Open looking pores
– Roughness on the skin in patches
– Greasy appearance

? Can normal skin feel oily?
yes normal skin can feel oily due to
– External weather such as increased humidity etc
– Seasons; in summer normal skin can feel extra oily
– Change of place
– Spending more time outdoors

? A quick trivia: Oily skin, if not hereditary is not a constant and usually comes and goes by taking proper care & using the right ingredients!

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4 Responses

  1. Mam can a pregnant women use brighting serum …and can u plzz suggest facewash name to use with acne control and brighting serum.

    1. Alpha Arbutin in general is recommended to be avoided by pregnant women. However, in our brightening serum we have used 0.3% Alpha Arbutin which is pretty less, though if you aren’t comfortable to use, it is better to avoid it

  2. I found your site through a YouTube recommendation channel from Maitryee Haider.
    And i dont ever regret buying your product. I am currently using the Breakout control serum-15ml. And recently i have ordered the Breakout control aswell as the Pore Control Serum-30ml and am hoping it will work its magic on me again. Needless to say no other serum works like these two does.
    I am very much happy with your products and the purchase. Please keep up the with the good work, hope your company flourishes as u provide your loyal customers with your beautiful and consistent product.
    I am eagerly waiting for your other product launches, if any.

    1. Very glad to hear this and thank you for the wonderful feedback. We will be launching a few products soon and keep you posted here!

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