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Kojic Acid VS Alpha Arbutin

Kojic Acid VS Alpha Arbutin

☀️ Kojic Acid-

  1. It is derived from several different types of fungi.
  2. It penetrates much deeper into the skin and inhibits tyrosine activity.
  3. It is unstable & hence difficult to find products.
  4. It works on pigmentation.
  5. It is antifungal and antibacterial.
  6. It exhibits antioxidant properties.

💥 Alpha Arbutin-

  1. It is extracted from the dried leaves of blueberry, cranberry, and barberry.
  2. It inhibits tyrosine activity and helps in reducing pigmentation.
  3. It is quite stable & hence more options are available.
  4. It works on pigmentation.
  5. It works well with most other ingredients.
  6. It exhibits antioxidant properties.

🌟 Can Kojic Acid and Alpha Arbutin be used together?

Using Kojic acid and alpha-arbutin together can show better effects as they will work on the same pathway and increase each other’s efficacy but keep the %s in mind.

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