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Skincare routine during pregnancy

🌟 Problems & Causes during pregnancy:-

1) Dry Skin: The body absorbs water to create a placenta, leaving the skin dry.
2) Melasma: Hormones & excess sun exposure make the skin sun-sensitive.
3) Acne: Fluctuation in hormones leads to more sebum production causing clogged pores & acne
4) Dark circles: Uneasiness & discomfort leads to lack of sleep leading to dark circles
5) Hypersensitivity: The skin reacts adversely after pregnancy due to hormones alteration
6) Stretch marks: Due to gain & subsequent loss in weight

✨ Follow this four-step simple skincare routine to tackle skin problems during pregnancy:

Step 1– Wash face with a gentle cleanser
Step 2– Apply Hyaluronic Acid serum on damp skin
Step 3- Apply Vitamin C/ Niacinamide during AM routine & for PM routine use Azelaic Acid Serum or AHA serum (twice a week)
Step 4– Follow with moisturizer & sunscreen

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