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The Four Rules Of Layering

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  • Consistency of usage– Use products every day and regularly to see results.
  • Consistency of product application – thinnest consistency —> thickest consistency (or liquid – waterbased to oil).
  • Consistency in routine – Follow cleanser -> toner -> Serum -> Moisturiser -> Sunscreen.


  • Treat the specific skin concerns & use actives as per your skin need.
  • Choose the %s of actives basis your skin need and actives could be in serums, cleansers or moisturizers.
  • Usually, serums have the highest concentration of actives in a skincare product.


  • These are the light applications of oils that seal in the moisturizer.
  • Act as a skin barrier & delivers beneficial nutrients to the skin.
  • These have to be applied as the last step always to delivers instant softness, leaving the skin smooth & hydrated.


  • Sunscreen should always be the last step of the morning skincare routine, despite staying at home.
  • Skincare ensures that there is no further damage to the skin and also protects skin that could be raw from using retinoids/ certain AHAs.
  • Use a minimum of SPF 30, along with PA+++ to ensure maximum sun protection.

? Skincare isn’t rocket science but it has a specific structure that must be followed in order for products to do their job well.

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