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Tips on taking care of the skin in an AC environment.

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☀️What AC’s do to our skin?

1. Dry and dehydrated skin: The air conditioning environment can make your skin lose its moisture, drying out your skin.
2. Itchy skin: In case of extreme loss of moisture from the skin, it can start itching.
3. Long-term impact on aging: When you spend a lot of time in an air-conditioned room, your skin starts losing elasticity due to the lack of moisture, and as a result wrinkles and fine lines look more exaggerated.

⚡ Deconstruct tips to take care of the skin in an AC environment

1. Ensure your skin well-hydrated: Regularly use humectant-rich serums or moisturizers. Examples of humectants are hyaluronic acid, glycerin, etc.
2. Avoid further skin irritation: Avoid worsening the dryness by using too much perfume, harsh soaps, or heavily fragranced skincare.
3. Ensure your body is well-hydrated: Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep your body hydrated.

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