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What is a Facial Cleansers?

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What is a “Facial Cleanser”?

Facial cleansers are formulated to clean our skin – remove the normal accumulation of dirt and oils, makeup, sunscreen, remains of pollution, and dead skin cells.

How does a cleanser work on the skin?

Cleansers have surfactants – that bind with dirt, makeup, etc, and lift them off the skin, thus leaving clean skin.

How do surfactants work?

The dual nature of surfactants forms micelles that trap oil, dirt, or sebum from the oil-loving side and get attached to the water from the water-loving side (and the micelles and the dirt together) are lifted off the skin.

How often should we use a cleanser to wash our face?

Cleansing should happen twice a day — once in the morning and once in the evening.

Remember, always follow up with hydrating serum & moisturizer to balance the natural PH of the skin.

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