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Ingredients to look for in Physical & Chemical Sunscreen

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✨ Ingredients to look for in a PHYSICAL SUNSCREEN- Zinc oxide & Titanium Dioxide

🌟 Ingredients to look for in a CHEMICAL SUNSCREEN- Octinoxate, Homosalate, Octisalate, Tinsorb M/S, Uvinul A/A+

Physical Sunscreen VS Chemical Sunscreen

Physical Sunscreen:

  1. Mineral Actives (zinc oxide & titanium dioxide)
  2. Block & Absorb Sunlight Create a barrier that blocks, reflects & absorbs UV rays
  3. Mostly (except nano) sit on the skin

Chemical Sunscreen:  

  1. Chemical Actives (Organic & Carbon-based compounds)
  2. Absorb Sunlight (Absorb UV rays & convert them to heat, which is then released by the skin)
  3. Ingredients penetrate into the skin

💧 Ingredients used in sunscreen have scientific and research papers, both supporting & negating their safety!

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