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Sunscreen White Casting

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What is a White Cast?

A white cast refers to when your sunscreen leaves behind a white layer on your skin even after giving sufficient time for the product to be absorbed into the skin.

Why do sunscreens give white cast?

Certain sunscreen formulas include ingredients like zinc oxide & Titanium oxide, which form a layer on the skin – as part of their working on reflecting & absorbing UVB rays.

 Is white cast bad?

The white cast isn’t bad in fact, the ingredients that give white cast – zinc oxide & titanium oxide are some of the safest sunscreen ingredients to use.
These ingredients are good for people with sensitive skin types!

Deconstruct tips to avoid White cast:

Tip 1- OPT FOR A CHEMICAL SUNSCREEN- Usually chemical sunscreens don’t leave a white cast and are safe to be used.
Tip 2- GIVE YOUR SUNSCREEN TIME TO ABSORB- Apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going outdoors.
Tip 3- PAT SUNSCREEN ONTO YOUR FACE- rubbing sunscreen onto the skin can prevent it from laying evenly resulting white film-like appearance.

? White cast isn’t bad on the skin & it’s all a personal choice if you prefer using a product with it or not!

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