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How to care for dry skin?

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? How to care for dry skin?
– USE MILD CLEANSERS containing Hyaluronic acid/ glycerin etc
– USE HUMECTANT serums on damp skin (such as hyaluronic acid/ glycerin)
– MOISTRUSIE SKIN REGULARLY with shea butter, ceramides , squalane etc
– PROTECT WITH SUNSCREEN by wearing SPF 30 or higher

How to care for dry skin

– EXFOLIATE with mild AHAs to remove the dullness
– FIND THE RIGHT PRODUCTS for your skin type
– DON’T OVERUSE products such as retinoids, AHAs
– PEPTIDES can be particularly effective for dry skin related to aging skin

care for dry skin

? A quick trivia: you can have an oily/combination skin type as well that becomes dry due to the course of your life

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